As a long-term partner, I help founders and company stakeholders to successfully (re)launch their start-up or mid-sized business. Together we form all the essential elements needed to start building your brand.

Up to 8 weeks is all it takes...


Brand Identity

  • Brand Strategy

  • Visual Identity

  • Positioning & Architecture

  • Personality & Expression

  • Naming & Tagline


  • Concept & Design

  • Information Architecture

  • User Experience / UX-Design

  • Media & 3D (Art Direction)

  • Web development (Partner)

Brand Building

  • Campaigning

  • Touchpoint optimisation

  • Creative Strategy

  • Media & 3D (Art Direction)

  • Brand Consulting


After an initial kick-off, we bring together all stakeholders to align everyone's vision and develop the brand strategy. This full-day workshop can be conducted on-site or remotely using an interactive tool. To form this essential piece of your brand's identity and communication, we use proven workflows and frameworks used by leading brands worldwide.
Having elaborated and finalised the strategy, we translate it into a visual identity that's helps your brand to stand out and emotionally connect with your target audience. This process sets the foundation for a consistent appearance of your brand across all platforms and touchpoints.
In the next step, we concept, design and build your brand's website. As your long-term partner, I'll advise you on how to build and expand your brand with enriching experiences and creative campaigns.